Fast Electrodeposition & Ideal Surface Technology Co., Ltd (FEIST)was founded in 2006, specialized in manufacturing and selling FJY series brush plating solutions in China.

FEIST is committed to providing:

* Practical, cost-effective solutions for surface enhancement like corrosion protection, wear resistance increasing, hardness increasing, and conductivity improving etc, which considerably improved part performance and reduced manufacturing cost.
* Comprehensive training how to do brush plating in our production facilities, on-site, worldwide.
* Supply brush plating machine , anode, wire, and chemical solution include fast nickel and fast copper,silver,tin,golda,chrome.
*Brush plating service : repairing shaft, repairing hydraulic cylinder, repairing printing roller.
More than 30 kinds of FJY brush plating solutions are sold abroad. They are widely used in aerospace, mining, oil, printing, motorcar, electricity, general machinery etc industries. Comprehensive test results prove that FJY series brush plating have better performance than our competitors and our technology is leading in the world.

Our mission is to always providing technologically advanced, quality improving products & service to brush plating industry.

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