The methord of repairing shaft and base hole

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The methord of repairing shaft and base hole.
1) welding, the molten metal is covered on the surface wear parts, forming a coating layer uniformly continuous. The utility model has the advantages of high connection strength, no need of special equipment, and can be used as a general welding tool. The disadvantage is that sometimes it is easy to produce thermal stress, crack, deformation and the change of microstructure. Therefore it is only applicable to the repair of ordinary carbon pan, high quality carbon steel, low alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals and other parts. For surfacing welding alloy steel parts, there are still some difficulties.
2) casting method: mainly used for sliding bearings, Babbitt lining wear after re casting.
3) metal spray plating method: use compressed air to spray of molten metal plating to the part surface, compensation has been wear metal parts, so as to restore the original size.
Gap this method can be used to repair the worn shaft, bearing and plug repair cylinder and cylinder head.
4) brush plating method: brush plating method can repair the local wear and overall wear. The wear dimension does not exceed 0.7 mm, our company can disposable nickel recovery size. For local wear, local corrosion, trench can be plated with hard alloy copper, while grinding, the last nickel plating finish.

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