Mould Repair Welding Machine Yjxb-3 Micro Repair Welder

YJXB-3 Steel & Casting Repair Welder helps to reduce cost and improve production quality in many areas, such as plastic moulds, casting, and any industries that have trouble with surface defects in ferrous metal.
YJXB-3 welder uses a micro-resistance welding process. The heat is generated by the passage of electrical current through the joint of the workpiece and the welding sheet. The heat is intelligently controlled to be large enough to fuse the material locally and form a nugget at the interface, and small enough not to anneal or quench the workpiece. This welding technique is better than conventional repair methods in many aspects:
Firm: Complete metallurgy combination, the welded area can sustain milling, lathing, filing or grinding.
Precise: Minimum welding amount: 0.03mm (using welding material δ 0.035). Less material wastage.
Wide Application: All kinds of moulds, dies, castings, hardware made of ferrous metal.
Intelligent Power Distribution: Microchips automatically allocate best power for different settings.
Minimum Thermal Effect: The workpiece remains in normal temperature during welding.
YJXB-3 has some user-friendly designs that ensure easy operation:
Multi-mode: Four modes for different precision requirements.
Wide Voltage: Stabilize output within a ± 20% vibration.
Protection Function: Prevent workpieces against operation accidents.
Magnetic Connectors: Convenient connection to any ferrous metal workpieces.
Super-Portable: The main machine weighs only 8Kg, and occupies only 360× 150× 200mm3
Technical Considerations
Applicable Materials: Ferrous metal
Applicable Projects: Wear and tear of moulds, dies and tools
Excessive cutting. Casting defects. Insufficient arch/TIG welding. Erosion marks
Electric current: Single-phase 220V± 20% 50Hz
Power: 5W_600W
Instantaneous power: Max >30KW
Mode: 5 modes, from mode 0_mode 4
Machine size: 360× 150× 200mm3
Machine Weight 8Kg

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