Intelligent Machine For Brush Plating

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                                                                                    Intelligent Machine For Brush Plating     



            Type: ZN-15V100A

             Voltage: Input :220 V/110v

               Output: 0-15V 

            Electric current:0-100A


             Change the polarity: yes

This machine has the special function of the other brush plating power supply at home and abroad, which is the real-time display function of the coating thickness. By setting the smart display window, different functions can be realized.
The main features of the machine:
1 free switching power supply polarity.
2 intelligent digital display, parameters can be set.
3  can timely display the thickness of coating when selective plating.
4 can be set in advance of coating thickness, when the thickness reaches the preset value when the brush plating machine automatic alarm.
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