Neutral Bright Tin Plating
FEIST researched the Tin plating technology and successfully developed the Neutral Bright Tin Plating. This technology overcomes the common acidic tin and alkaline tin and solved many problems in Tin plating. The main features are as follows:
1. The appearance of the Tin layer looks bright and average and the color will not be changed for long time .
2. The Tin solution is non-corrosive to the basic substrate and the original tin layer.
3. The Tin can be repeatedly plate. When you need to brush thick tin layer, you can re-brush (such as the thickness of the  original tin layer is not enough, you need to re-tinning, etc.) in the original tin layer, the Tin  layer appearance will not be changed.
4.The thinckness of Tin layer can be more than 0.3mm that is much thicker than the other Tin plating technology.
5.It’s can be operated in nature temperature.
6. The tin solution is safe and harmless to people and the environment.

Process of Tin Plating
2. Tin plating
3. washing and drying

The following is the applications

tin plating

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